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Apache Nifi Registry Push to custom git branch.

New Contributor

Team i have tried the registry github integration, its working fine. However its always pushing the changes to default branch (master) configured on git. Is there a way to specify the branch to clone and push always irrespective of default branch. We are running registry as a k8s container so it gets restarted some times and its pulling the default branch always. I have tried below property to set branch name "origin/develop" it complains and says only "origin" found in remote Please share your thoughts on this appreciate anyones help on this.

<property name="Flow Storage Directory">./versioned_flows</property>
<property name="Remote To Push">origin/develop</property>
<property name="Remote Access User">my-gituserid</property>
<property name="Remote Access Password">my-token</property>
<property name="Remote Clone Repository"></property>