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Apache Ranger "No Access Audit found!" but API returning 200 response and Solr is up running

New Contributor

In my Docker Image, I ran Ranger and solr as standalone application successfully. In Ranger I am able to use everything except audit logs

In Ranger, if I go to "Audit" and "Access" section, then it says No Access Audit found!
If I check network tab, then given path /service/assets/accessAudit gives me 200 status with response:


Now my question is, why resultSize is 0, how can I test if my audits are getting generated properly
I used this doc:

And added all configs in file.
Also in config I have specified:

as solr url but if I try to open it in my browser (replacing localhost with my instance ip)
Then it gives 404 error


Problem accessing /solr/ranger_audits. Reason:

    Not Found

Any help is much appreciated