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Apache Sentry - HDFS ACL


Apache Sentry - HDFS ACL

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Does Sentry allow us to override ACLs of files in hdfs similar to the way apache ranger does? Can we manage permissions as to who can access hdfs directories and files using Sentry?





Re: Apache Sentry - HDFS ACL

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Unless it has changed since I last used sentry (which is possible), it is a little different than how ranger works.


In ranger you can explicitely defined security rules for HDFS.


In Sentry, there is a plugin that synchronize the Hive/Impala security rules with HDFS ACLs (on a list of HDFS directories). What does it means ?

- If you grant "SELECT" permissions on a table for a group, then it will give "read" permission on HDFS on the folder of that table.

- If you grant "INSERT" permissions on a database for a group, then it will give "write" permission on HDFS on the root folder of the database.

- etc.








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