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Apache Sentry which group new user belong to ?


Apache Sentry which group new user belong to ?

Hi Experts, We are planning to use Apache sentry to enforce column level security on Hive tables. For this we are planning to create 2 unix users. The first user with administrator access and other with restricted access to certain columns. Could you let us know which groups these users should belong to as we are planning to run hive/spark SQL queries which inturn will launch MR jobs. There are default groups like hive, hdfs, mapred in CDH already available. Which groups should these newly created users belong to? Many thanks in advance. Cheers Chinumari

Re: Apache Sentry which group new user belong to ?

Cloudera Employee
Hi chinumari,

These groups are for the service users actually, you don't need to add your users to these groups actually.

Re: Apache Sentry which group new user belong to ?


Your admin group should be part of the below configuration property (The default/cloudera recommanded admin groups are hive, impala, hue, etc depends upon your service) . so that you can login as admin and create roles and assign to other groups as needed. 


Cloudera Manager -> Sentry -> Configuration ->






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