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Apache atlas- Hive Hook Bridge issue

Apache atlas- Hive Hook Bridge issue

New Contributor

Hi All,

I have done configurations for Atlas Hive hook and using ambari for configuration as following:

atlas.hook.hive.synchronous = true = org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.hooks.ATSHook,org.apache.atlas.hive.hook.HiveHook = Clusterone (as per

export HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH=/usr/hdp/current/atlas-server/hook/hive

atlas.hook.hive.maxThreads = 5

hive.server2.async.exec.threads = 100

default.replication.factor = 1

offsets.topic.replication.factor = 3

After running script ,lineage is showing in atlas but i want to make it automatic

And when i run this command:

/usr/hdp/ --zookeeper dlm01.sic:2181,dlm02.sic:2181,dlm03.sic:2181 --topic ATLAS_HOOK --from-beginning

it shows me:

Using the ConsoleConsumer with old consumer is deprecated and will be removed in a future major release. Consider using the new consumer by passing [bootstrap-server] instead of [zookeeper].

No brokers found in ZK.


And here is my logs "/var/log/atlas/application.log"

[pool-2-thread-10 - 36de2e5f-9f3d-43e1-8f0e-7ca5cdff76aa:] ~ graph rollback due to exception AtlasBaseException:Instance __AtlasUserProfile with unique attribute {name=admin} does not exist (GraphTransactionInterceptor:79)

These are the links for hive hook configuration, according to this we have completed almost all the steps

Please @Ronak bansal @Vadim Vaks @Sharmadha Sainath @Ryan Cicak @Ayub Khan help me in this as soon as possible.