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Apache nifi : MQTT Bokerr consumer need help

Apache nifi : MQTT Bokerr consumer need help

Hello all ,

I am struggling in configuring mqtt consumer process . i am able to get stream data in command prompt by using mosquitto_sub -t "*******" -d -h ******* -p 8883 --psk ****** --psk-identity ****** --insecure --tls-version tlsv1 .....

these parameters are optional --insecure --tls-version tlsv1 , without them mosquitto_sub is working fine.

Now i am using nifi to subcribe mqtt broker but strugglinng in it. please note here psk and psk-identity is compulsory without these we cannot connect to broker.

i am assuming psk and psk-identity as username and password but i tried without them also but got error

Please guide me if some one can





Re: Apache nifi : MQTT Bokerr consumer need help

Cloudera Employee

Hi Inam,

Please find below link for reference : (I have tested it and worked fine for me)

Also as you are using psk-identity please check for "use_identity_as_username" value in your mosquitto.conf file.

I am not very much sure about psk-identity but you can use mosquitto_passwd to set password for particular user and redirect the password to a file which file can be used for authentication to publish MQTT messages.