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Append Text in each line of FlowFile content in NiFi

Append Text in each line of FlowFile content in NiFi

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I have a use case to append text at the end of each line from a new file or new table. ReplaceText processor helps me in appending fixed text in each line of flowfile content but the text should be appended from second file. I cannot use MergeContent processor I do not need a union merge but as below explained -

Example :

First File : employeeID, employeeName, employeeSalary

1, John, $100

2, Kevin, $150

3, Steve, $200

Second File : employeeID, department, location.

1, Finance, CA

2, Technology, NY

3, Teaching, VA

Output : employeeID, employeeName, employeeSalary,department, location.

1, John, $100,Finance, CA

2, Kevin, $150,Technology, NY

3, Steve, $200,Teaching, VA

Best Regards


Re: Append Text in each line of FlowFile content in NiFi

If your second file is a single file with a static location, you could set up a flow that just gets that file (ListFile -> FetchFile) and stores the values (with employee ID as a key and the rest as value) into a DistributedMapCache. Run that flow first before starting the second flow, which could send your "First File" above into a Split Text (to process each line) then a FetchDistributedMapCache, which will populate values from the lookup table as attributes, then a ReplaceText to get the attribute values appended to the line, then a MergeContent to put it all back together.

Alternatively if you're comfortable with a scripting language you can use ExecuteScript or InvokeScriptedProcessor. The approach might be similar to this post.

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