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Assign Solr to the Master and Slaves nodes

Assign Solr to the Master and Slaves nodes

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We have started our POC with a small HDP cluster (2 master, 2 slave node and one Ambari node).

I wanted to know what is your recommendation to assign Solr standalone on the master and clients node. I've read in one of the post that Solr needs to be deployed on just client nodes and not Master. Could you please confirm it? .

Also please consider that I've installed Ranger on the cluster and enabled Solr cloud. Just wanted to make sure that deploying standalone Solr won't have conflict with the Solr cloud.




Re: Assign Solr to the Master and Slaves nodes

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@Sanaz Janbakhsh

Assigning the Solr standalone (you can still install via Ambari Management pack) to the slaves, at least separates the Solr-Cloud Infra, from the Solr standalone.

The other consideration is what storage are you using to store the indexes on Solr standalone.

There are a number of threads where this is discussed on HCC. In summary storing the indexes on HDFS makes it easier to manage. If performance and response time it important, than you should review storing the indexes on fast disk, like SSD.

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