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At HDP- can ambari metrics work without HBASE


HBASE service is not added to the cluster.

We are unable to see any Metrics unser Summary in Ambari Metrics.

The Metrics screens just keep loading.

Ran the procedure outlined in

I do not see any errors in the logs.


Super Collaborator

Hi @Olivia Smith,

Ambari has its own Hbase setup, which doesnt need the HBASE service is added to the cluster.

when you install the ambari metrics service, you can deploy the hbase (specific to AMS component) in two modes.

1. embedded : which will be single AMS process use the local file system to store its data

2. distribute : uses RS and Master service HDFS file system to store the metrics data.

either the case you need to provide the hbase.rootdir and other properties.

here are the instructions to run in distribution mode (is recommended when you have large voulme of metrics being collected and store )

on the other node, if you cant get that working, please remove the hbase.rootdir and zookeeper Znode dirctory so that Ambari automatically reconfigure the same (# please note that this will remove your existing metrics )

Hope this helps !!

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