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Atlas API for column-level lineage

As discussed here:, next Atlas release will capture column level lineage automatically for hive.

My questions:

1- When browsing column metadata on current Atlas UI I can see lineage spots for column. Is it possible to manually add column lineage using API and visualize them on current Atlas release (HDP 2.5.3 / Atlas 0.7.0) ?

2- Does anyone have RESP API calls example to manually add column lineage to Atlas?




@bsaini can you help?

New Contributor

I think i have been able to manually add column level lineage. if you still need this let me know and i can post the REST API calls. I am not seeing the "spots for column" lineage you referenced above. When i browse to the relevant column i am able to see the lineage but i would like to be able to browse to the table and then see the lineage for the columns in that table all in the same "diagram" or graph.

Let me know if we may be able to help each other, it seems we may have each solved half the problem and may be able to put it all together.

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