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Atlas WebUI - Invalid Expression


I am trying to do a search on Atlas UI and I come across the Invalid expression. Upon looking into the application.log file it complains about 2 errors listed. Based on the articles I have come across did few checks and everything seems to be normal and have all the pre-requisite services up and running. I have attached a screenshot of the Atlas UI page for reference and the logs

1. Caused by: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Could not find a healthy node to handle the request:

For the above error I have verified that Solr is running and I am able to check that by bringing up the UI on port 8886.

2. Caused by: com.thinkaurelius.titan.diskstorage.PermanentBackendException: Permanent exception while executing backend operation RawQuery

Any thoughts on how to go about this issue?

Thank You




HDP - 2.6v

Backend DB- MYSQL

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Looks like the SolrCloud nodes are not working as expected by titan. Can you share more information about the deployment ? How was atlas obtained and started up ? There are some steps that need to happen before Atlas can serve requests, like kafka topic setup, solr collection creation etc.

Also can you check if the solr ui shows following cores, vertex_index, edge_index and fulltext_index ?

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Can you please let me know the configuration of your cluster?

How was the build deployed? Was it something you built and then copied over or was it pre-built?



It's a 3 node cluster with the following configurations. This is deployed on openstack nodes and built from the HDP repos

Cores - 4

RAM - 16GB

1 Disk - 50 GB


@anaik: This is a HDP cluster and we do not have any jobs or anything setup on this cluster. We just added Atlas as a new service to the current cluster using Ambari.

Under the Solr UI i don't see any cores configured. Attached a screenshot of the Solr Dashboard solr-admin.pdf

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