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Atlas lineage not shown in UI

New Contributor

I have installed Apache Atlas using the steps provided in the below page

I used the following steps to show lineage

Although, my Atlas UI does not show lineage for any tables and it shows No lineage data found.

Can you help me to know what step I am missing



Hive tables lineage will not be shown in-case of tables imported using import script. Were the tables created using Hive hook or if it is created using import script?


@Nikita Jaggi Please let me know if the above helps?

New Contributor

I'm also facing such issue. I'm integrating atlas-kafka hook..

please suggest if you have any resolution for it .


Don't know if this is still relevant but i had the same issue and the problem was that i installed kafka with 1 broker but the default replication factor is 3. This created an issue with Kafka (check the /var/log/kafka logs).
After setting replication factor to one - lineage started working (for NEW data).

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