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Auto TLS - help on connecting with kafka brokers


Auto TLS - help on connecting with kafka brokers

Hi Team, 


I'm new to Cloudera and I'm doing POC on this product to make the Kafka as a service in my organization. Initially, I had an issue with creating SSL manually after the cluster creation. Because of the long time that taken to troubleshoot, I've made the cluster created again and enabled auto-tls. Now, I've stuck with connecting to the broker using the JKS certificates. I'm able to find the Keystore password from the below location, and where I can find the trust store password?. Also, I believe truststore must have a password instead of the one I have in all clusters, don't have a password with that. How i need to work on this. I don't see any documentation for this, or I may miss landing in the correct place. I desperately need your help to get this done. 

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