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Autogenerate keytab using cloudera manger without adding as service in cloudera manager

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I have gone through the cloudera manager documentation, every where mentioned that cloudera autogenerate a keytab for services which are installed in the cloudera manager


We have developed a small component. Is there any way to autogenerate a keytab for the component using cloudera manager without adding as service in cloudera manager? 




Community Manager

Hello Sachin,


You are asking if Cloudera Manager can provide a management function for a service it does not manage. 


For services that use Kerberos, Cloudera Manager handles keytabs individually per principal.  When working with multiple principals it makes a call for each principal and not as a batch.  The resulting keytabs are stored and distributed to the roles as required.


It is not possible to manage keytabs, including generate them, for an unmanaged service.

David Wilder, Community Manager

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