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Azure HDP Hive View 2.0

New Contributor

I'm following the tutorial on HDP on Azure and where we import csv files. The tutorial refers to Hive View 2.0, however I don't see Hive View 2.0 on this version. Is there a way to install it? I think the issue is that Azure has HDP 2.5 but the tutorial assumes 2.6.


@Lucjan Dudkiewicz

Heya, my memory is a bit fuzzy on if the HDP 2.5 Sandbox comes with the option to install Hive View out of the box, but here's the process to follow to know for sure:

In Ambari:

  1. Shortcut URL (http://localhost:8080/views/ADMIN_VIEW/ ... or ... to get there yourself, then from any Ambari page go to the top-right user menu -> "Manage Ambari" -> "Views" link on the left sidebar.
  2. There should be an entry under "View Name" named "HIVE". Expand this entry to expose the "Create Instance" button.
  3. Click on "Create Instance".
  4. The top two fields should say "HIVE", followed by a select box for "Version".
  5. If you have "2.0.0" as an option for "Version", this is the Hive 2.0 View. Fill out the top portion of the "Details" fieldset. You should be able to safely leave the defaults for the "Settings" fieldset.
  6. If you don't have "2.0.0", you likely only have "1.5.0", which is the non-2.0 Hive View that comes by default.

Hope this helps!