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BDR DAS to Isilon - HDFS must be running

I am trying to use BDR to replicate HDFS from a DAS-based CDH cluster to an Isilon based CDH cluster - both are CDH 5.15, when attempting to run an HDFS replication, I get an error message of 'HDFS must be running'. The BDR Peer relationship is valid, and both clusters are Kerberized.


HDFS service are running on DAS based cluster, but the Isilon based cluster uses the Isilon service and no HDFS Services are needed; no HDFS Service, NN, SN or DN so is this failing b/c BDR is failing to recognize Isilon as a valid HDFS service or something else.


The job fails immediately with no other useful messages, where does BDR log to and can I increase the logging?


This used to work with no issues older versions of CDH:











Super Guru

Hi @russ_stevenson,



We have seen a couple bugs in the area of Isilon that you may be hitting.  What Version of Cloudera Manager are you using now?

You can click on Support --> About in Cloudera Manager to verify the version.


Also, the known bugs are fixed in 5.15.2 and 6.1



The clusters are currently running 5.16.1 and 6.1 is a nonstarter currently, I will look at getting a 5.15.2 cluster up to test. Are the known issues getting fixed in an upcoming 5.16.x release?