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BDR Job failing due to socket timeout


BDR Job failing due to socket timeout

New Contributor

Hi all,


Encounter a weird issue where sometimes BDR is successful then when i re-run the same BDR Job i encounter socket timeout issue. As per screenshot:Capture.JPG


It is a multi-homing cluster, whereby we have 1 public network(172.x.x.x) and 1 private network(10.x.x.x). I applied the namenode.rpcbindhost configurations as per and set destination proxyuser on source.


Any advice is deeply appreciated.



Re: BDR Job failing due to socket timeout

@RobinRo ,

BDR will pick random hosts to run jobs, have you checked whether the fail always from the same host? This is the first thing I will check.

The stacktrace pointed out that the error happened when BDR job tried to get file info from HDFS and timed out, so if you confirm the issue is from the same host, then we should check the connectivity between this host and NN.


Re: BDR Job failing due to socket timeout

New Contributor

Hi @EricL ,


I realized failure occurs whenever a this particular node(namenode, either active or passive) is running the job. Whenever it hit step 3 " Trigger a HDFS Replication ", it will fail with the socket timeout error. I have a personal lab, with the same design architecture, and it will fail as well on the same particular namenode.




Re: BDR Job failing due to socket timeout

Super Collaborator

Hi @RobinRo ,


I wonder if the particular node is a mutlihomed host? I found this jira and wonder if it can help:



Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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