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Backing up Namenode metadata


Backing up Namenode metadata

New Contributor

I became a hadoop ops two months ago. I want ask a basic question. please help me.

I am using hadoop-2.3cdh5.0.2. use yarn and build ha for hdfs.

in ha case, do we need backup namenode metadata? main fsimage?

use hdfs dfsadmin -fetchImage <local directory>?

if namenode(active and standby fsimage are both bad), how we use backup fsimage?

just copy the file to active namenode coresponding folder?



Re: Backing up Namenode metadata

Expert Contributor
You don't need to manually back up the fsimage if you are trying to setup namenode ha. Namenode ha configuration will take care of that for you. However if you want to backup namenode metadata and maintain a copy for yourself you can always get that from namenode metadata directory, the dfsadmin command or you can also curl from nn web ui.
Em Jay
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