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Backup the state of listSFTP


Backup the state of listSFTP

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I am running NIFI on two nodes of my cluster. I have in my canvas one processor listSFTP who is programmed to be executed on the primary node.

Recently, I had some issue on this processor :

Failed to retrieve timestamp of last listing from the State Manager. Will not
perform listing until this is accomplished

When I restarted the nifi service, this problem has been resolved. But after that, I noticed that the state had been reset since it reloaded the same file names.

So, I would like to know how I can save the state of this processor in order to be able to restore it later.


Re: Backup the state of listSFTP

When you are running in a cluster, there should be a clustered state manager defined in conf/state-management.xml which likely be the ZooKeeper cluster state manager.

If you are using a correctly setup ZooKeeper quorum, typically 3 nodes, then you really shouldn't need to back up anything since the information would be replicated on all 3 ZK instances.

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