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Bad Gateway error when installing Accumulo


When I get to step 5, where it says "Initialize Accumulo" using the Cloudera Manager installation process, it fails saying "Bad Gateway." It does that regardless of whether or not I have selected a gateway when configuring all of the settings for the first part of the Accumulo installer. I'm using the quick start VM for 5.5. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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In the role assignment page (Step 3), did you select a valid Gateway host? It does not seem to require it but in my attempt to install Accumulo I'd selected a gateway host and the Step 5 succeeded.

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This doesn't appear to work for me. I'm using the Quickstart VM (5.8.0, downloaded today) and with or without an Accumulo Gateway it hangs at "Execute command Initialize Accumulo on role Master (quickstart)".


Running "ps aux|grep csd" doesn't show any running "" processes.

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Did you install the Accumulo binaries before attempting to install the
service? I don't believe CM will stop you from attempting to install
the service even if you are missing the bits needed for it to run.

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That sounds like an odd requirement. It always seemed like all of the other services installed any necessary software before doing the configuration. In the "add service" list then Kafka explicitly says that the parcel needs to be activated or the package installed. Accumulo says nothing of the sort in the web interface.


I've installed the "accumulo" package and tried again, but it still hangs on "Initialize Accumulo" at the "csd/ [init]" step with "UNKNOWN" in the stdout and "Bad gateway" in the Role Log.


It seems that Cloudera Manager could benefit from more pre-install checks and clearer errors, rather than just hanging/failing in a non-descript way when a dependency isn't available for Accumulo (and then still doing the same when the package *is* installed).



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It sounds like something else might be incorrect in your CM deployment.

Your quickstart VM is using packages, I assume? Do you happen to have
the OS and specific package versions for CDH and Accumulo handy?

Have you walked through the installation instructions for Accumulo
managed by CM?

In particular, be sure to follow the "Note : Managing a cluster
installed with packages" call-out in the section on "Install Apache
Accumulo using Cloudera Manager."

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I've found that earlier today and followed the steps, even though the web UI doesn't make it clear that any extra steps are necessary. Also, the "add the snippets" interface appears to have changed, so it took a minute to find what I was looking for there. It breaks at point 11 of Step 5.


I'm starting from a vanilla, unmodified 5.8 Quickstart VM (Virtualbox flavour). I'd assumed it would be correctly configured to add things like Accumulo, and I'm fairly sure it defaults to packages (RPMs). OS and versions are whatever Cloudera makes available - the VM appears to be CentOS6 and I'll be installing whatever version of Accumulo the public repos have available each time I installed over the past two days (I'm connected to the Internet and downloading packages).


I've had a look in the logs, but the only mention of "" is an error from earlier on when I first found that Accumulo service deployment wasn't creating the "accumulo" user.


The VM is provisioned with two CPUs and 16GB RAM.


Could the problem be because I'm using a single Quickstart VM and trying to install all services on one node? I'd rather not try to set up a network and multiple VMs just for some simple tests and experimentation.