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Basic Question : Generateflowfile is creating duplicate files in NIfi

Basic Question : Generateflowfile is creating duplicate files in NIfi

New Contributor

Hi All,

Good day,

I'm just checking routeontext processor to route values if matched then route for different action and if not matched route for different action .

My Sample flow would be like this :

GenerateFlowFile | RouteOnText --- Flow 1 ---> Putfile

--- Flow 2 --> Putfile

My Text content is simple

My car color is Blue

My car color is Yellow

If Color is Blue -> goes to Flow1

If Color is Yellow -> Goes to Flow 2

Now I have just started the processor I can see queue in Generate flow File is queued upto 10000 and Flow 1 is having 6000 and Flow2 is having somewhat around 1000 with N number of duplicates .

Now How can I restrict it to only given content without any repetition .SO expected output is only two text files on respective flows . not n number of values . How can I configure that way . Can you please high level information of why is it happening .

Cannot terminate relationship in GenerateFlowFile as the connection is already given to next processor .

One important thing is Flow 1 should be executed first and flow 2 should be executed after the flow 1 is completed .

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