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Big thanks to CDH team


Big thanks to CDH team

Rising Star

Dear Cloudera CDH folks,


First of,  a big thank you. I have been a cloudera CDH user (starving developer version) since 2011 and since around that time, I have been actively pursuing the research of adverse events (side effects) of medicines. All my hadoop, hive and impala and lucene jobs were written and run on my home 3 node CDH cluster (refurbished repurposed hardware with 8 cores and 32GB RAM per node).


I released the iPhone App in 2015 called MedicalSideFx. Free to download. Lifetime free updates of data.


And now I am happy to announce the release of the digital first edition of my book MedicalSideFx - A Technical Guide to Adverse Events Analytics using Apache Hive.


Neither the App nor the Book are financially motivated, rather it is a first step towards hopefully collaborative work happening among like minded folks to push this ahead and throw more light on complex drug interactions.   


I want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you the Cloudera team since its on your platform I did hundreds of hours of research !







Re: Big thanks to CDH team

Great to hear that our platform helps on your research, Sanjay.

Keep up you great work on your App and Book!