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Blacklight for Cloudera

New Contributor

Hello dear friends,

We are trying to build Blacklight front-end to work with our cloudera's Solr, but we are not able to connect to solr. whan we run rails server using Sorl URL to run blacklight  we receive the following exception:

raise Blacklight::Exception::ECONNREFUSED, "Unable to connect to Solr instance usiing#(connection.inspect): #(e.inspect)"


Could someone guide us what is the correct way to deploy Blacklight for cloudera? What are we missing?

I really appreciate it,

Thank you very much,



Re: Blacklight for Cloudera

Super Collaborator
Are the solr logs showing any errors? Can you confirm that you can connect via the SOLR URL, using curl, from the host blacklight is running on?


Re: Blacklight for Cloudera

New Contributor

Hey pdvorak thank you for reply, I tried to cURL Solr to get some info but I get the same error that the url is not available, How can I solve this issue?

Thank you very much