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Blueprint support for configuring already installed components/clients

Hello all,

I want to know if there is any option for configuring and starting components in a pre-warmed (with components like hive, yarn, etc.) instance.

I see there is a provision action: "INSTALL_ONLY" but in this case, I want to use an installation image that has the required packages installed and just configuration and starting the components is required.

Please feel free to ask any additional info if required. Looking forward for some pointer in this regard.


Super Mentor

@Amit Bhardwaj

As part of Ambari Blueprint you can either define the provision_action as "INSTALL_AND_START" or "INSTALL_ONLY".

"INSTALL_ONLY": Allows us to install the required binaries of the HDP services and does not start the components.

"INSTALL_AND_START" : Will cause Packages Installation as well as Starting of those services.


But your requirement looks completely different from what is expected from the above mentioned properties designed for.

Your requirement is that "You use an installation image that has the required packages installed." already.

In that case you can manually install all the required packages to the Host Image already (outside of Ambari) and them make the OS image with all those packages preinstalled. Because when using Blueprint Ambari will try to create the cluster then if the packages are already installed to the respective hosts then those packages installation will already be skipped at YUM level because the packages are already installed to those hosts.

The alternative best approach to reduce the package installation will be to make use of Local Offline Yum Repos instead of Pulling the packages from Public HDP repo. This way you can reduce the package installation time while setting up cluster using blueprint.


Thanks @Jay Kumar SenSharma. I thought so but wanted to confirm from community.

For the local repository suggestion, we do have that internally but to reduce the time in getting the cluster UP on AWS/Azure/GCP, we need to create custom images with packages pre-installed. Also, since we aren't upgrading versions that frequently, this looks to be more sustainable solution.

Thanks for your input though. I will give custom AMIs a try and see how it goes.