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Bug length value duplicated


Bug length value duplicated


Hi everyone,


I'm impala developer, i need some help about impala issues, I'm using Impala 1.4 with CDH 5.1.2.

I'm working on a view X, every FIELD is String datatype.


When i'm trying to run this code:
select length(FIELD) from view X;

The result is 4 for example.


A part of the content of the field is "\0". This means a NULL value.

For example if i try to run this query : select count(FIELD) from X where FIELD like '%\0%'
The result of the count is N.


When i'm trying to materialize this view, the length of a specified field is duplicated.

I mean,when i run this query:
select length(FIELD) from materialize view x
the result is 8, wich is exactly 4*2...XD


This miss probabily that Impala is duplicating the legnth of that string in the materialized view.


I don't know why.

I need some help about this issues,
Thank you very much



Re: Bug length value duplicated

Master Collaborator

Hi Alberto,


I'm not sure I followed the issue completely. Would you be able to post a more detailed CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW? Even better, a step-by-step sequence of DDL/queries that show the problem.