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CB cluster failed to start or stop

New Contributor

I'm not able to start/stop my cluster. I have tried "cbd restart" but doesn't seem to help any. Any idea?

[cloudbreak@cbdeployervm cloudbreak-deployment]$ cb cluster stop --name mightyspark --wait

ERROR: status code: 400, message: Cannot update the status of stack 'mightyspark' to STOPPED, because it isn't in AVAILABLE state.

[cloudbreak@cbdeployervm cloudbreak-deployment]$ cb cluster list



"Name": "mightyspark",

"Description": "",

"CloudPlatform": "AZURE",

"StackStatus": "STOP_IN_PROGRESS",

"ClusterStatus": "STOPPED"



[cloudbreak@cbdeployervm cloudbreak-deployment]$


@Wei Law

It seems like the stack was in "STOP_IN_PROGRESS" state, meaning that it could not be stopped again. It can take some time for the cloud provider to delete all the resources, you can check the progress in the Azure portal.

Here is the relevant code.

Hope this helps!

New Contributor

Thanks for the reply. I have terminated the cluster and started with a new cluster. Since then, I'm not able to duplicate this issue.

@Wei Law

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