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CCA 131 exam: yarn requirements


CCA 131 exam: yarn requirements


Dear community,

As I am preparing for the CCA131 administrator exam, I notice that two of the required skills have to do with Yarn resource management (configure it based on user feedback and configuration of the fair scheduler). One can go incredibly deep into tuning yarn. Can someone give an idea of what kind of question could be expected?
If it is just allocating resources (either static or dynamic as can be done through cloudera manager), it is not that hard, but this question could potentially go so much more into depth (there are tens of configuaration parameters). Does anyone have a clue? Or some relevant examples of the things that one might have to do during the exam? 


In general, as mentioned before on this forum, it is still a little vague how much into depth one should be able to go for the CCA131 exam, so all feedback is welcome.


Many thanks!

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