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CCA 175 Exam: credential sqoop questions denied

CCA 175 Exam: credential sqoop questions denied

New Contributor

I just finished the CCA 175, the sqoop questions came with credential, and there is no secret, the credential is cloudera/cloudera


Surprisingly the credential was NOT accepted!


The third sqoop question doesn't even come with credential!!!!


I strongly ask for an audit on my exam, this is just not acceptable and not fair, a free retake should be provided to me!


Being shocked at the beginning, I felt so bad for the whole process, other unbelievable things include but not limit to:


1. a super tiny window 

2. a super slow environment

3. system always stuck and I ended up reaching out to proctor and refresh page at least three or more times

4. echo from nowhere (could be from proctor as my environment is only me sitting alone in the room)


I am so disappointed with this exam and its format and its everything, being working in hadoop environment for a year, the exam is not that hard to me, I never expected there could be such rediculous thing happening in the exam.



Re: CCA 175 Exam: credential sqoop questions denied

Community Manager

@RXIE Have you emailed the certification team at ? That would get you directly to the team that would be performing any review of the test and investigating issues as you described. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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