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CCA 175 exam not re-scheduled even after 2 months.


CCA 175 exam not re-scheduled even after 2 months.

New Contributor

I am posting on behalf of my room-mate and friend, as he's already in a bad enough state of mind.

It has been a horryfying experince for me an dhim for the past 2 months and he is still waiting for his CCA 175 exam to be re-scheduled. This is after 2 months of waiting. Every time he contacts, they get back with a copy paste message as follows:


Please mind, Cloudera is still experiencing difficulties with their exams - clusters are failing to come up with the exam content, unfortunately.


You will be able to reschedule our exam after we have solved our cluster problems. We do not currently have an ETA for the system being fixed. Our team will reach out to you when it is fixed to let you know that you can reschedule.


What really annoys me is how can ETA be not present for a known technical issue for more than 2 months ?


My concern is that I am waiting for him to finish his exam so I can schedule my exam witha peace of mind.


I have personally seen him wait for 1 hour, anxiously waiting for the exam ot be loaded twice, just to find out that it's not his or the computer's fault. He's still very much concerned to get this certification and take his exam. Waiting for an exam is one thing, but waiting for 2 months and still without an ETA is entirely different.


Re: CCA 175 exam not re-scheduled even after 2 months.

New Contributor

Hi @cjervis,


Can you post any information on if this issue that multiple people are experiencing has any approximate time frame for resolution. A finger in the air estimae as well can be good to calm some people waiting to take their exam.


It's not my intent to be agressive, just trying to see what to expect, so I can plan accordingly. Unfortunately for me and other anxious test takers,the second most recognised certification (from Hortonworks) as well could have the same issues due to mereger of Cloudera and Hortonworks.


Warm Regards


Re: CCA 175 exam not re-scheduled even after 2 months.

Community Manager

@RB22 The Certification team is working on an official update to be posted to the community by early next week.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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