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New Contributor

I just took the test and I am very frustrated and sad to say that I was not able to take the test properly because of slag and callous process handling from your end. These are the pointers that I would like you to make a not of:


1. The questions on sqoop import and export did not have any information about the JDBC host and the port. In the cloudera VM, I understand that one is supposed to create it by oneself however, for someone who is new to the exam interface, this information should have been provided. I can say that I was not able to do 2 questions only because of this reason. (This is the host I used while practicing on cloudera VM --> "jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/")


2. The interface does not provide an easy way to access the terminal for someone who is never seen the exam interface before. I could not find the terminal for the first 15 mins.


3. The support staff instead of helping me out with the terminal states that he cannot help with the content of the exam. I believe that we all understand that a terminal isn't the content of the exam itself.


4. I was hardly given any time in the end.


5. The user interface was difficult to navigate due to visibility issues. It also resulted in lag while I was executing the queries.


As a sought after big data certificate vendor this has been a highly unprofessional experience which I am sure many can relate with. On a different note, the expectation of completing 9 questions in 2 hours with an interface this bad is ridiculous as one cannot complete the questions on time. I wont be able to achieve from this certification what I intended to because of the lack of a seamless examination platform for your customers. This is extreamly demotivating and I would expect the fee to be refunded or to provide me with an immediate solution.


Thanks a lot 




Community Manager

Thank you for the feedback @sudo_poweroff. I will pass your notes along to my contacts. You should also reach out to the certification team directly via email ( to investigate the issues experienced during your exam.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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New Contributor

Hi sudo_poweroff,


Can you please let me know what information is provided for sqoop questions? If jdbc host is not provided, what would be passed in --connect option?