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CCD-410 getting replaced by CCP-Data Engineer

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Hi Cloudera Team,


I am planning to give Hadoop CCD-410 certification.I am basically working on Mainframes, planning to switch to Big Data side of things.


Now when i see that current CCD-410 is getting replaced by CCP-Data Engineer i have below points.

1) CCP-DE is more hands on course covering entire gamut of Apache Ecosystem where as CCD-410 acts more like that somebody knows basic

   of Hadoop and has basic qualification to start working on Hadoop projects.

2) While both the certification have different objectives,completely scratching off CCD-410 does not make sense.People like me can cross train 

    themselves, get this certification and try their luck in Big data world,whereas CCP-Data Engineer being more hands on under rigorous time

    time constraint fits for people who have tried their hand in Big Data projects for 3-5 years.

3) As said earlier,people like me will more likely to go for CCD-410 and then switch to Big Data rather than risk directly taking CCP-DE,and in country

    like India these kind people will be atleast tens of thousand.

4) In case,CCD-410 is scrapped,above set of people will be switching to entry level certifications from Hortonworks or MapR etc,which does not

   make business sense to cloudera.


In light of above points - i would suggest that ( i can just suggest !!) please keep the 'theorotical' exam like CCD-410 intact (i know it involves

some practical knowledge as well) for entry level proffessionals trying to switch to Big Data side.Maybe you can come out with another version

which covers more Hadoop echo systems in somewhat more details but emphasis should be more on knowing of basics.


Also Exams like CCP-DE would fit the bill of experienced Pro havings hands on Hadoop.


P.S - I would request to take this mail right up to decision making team at the top as this concerns many many proffessionals like me.



Syed Rizvi





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How to use CCD-Pratice exam purchase price for CCP:Data Engineer certification. Could you please provide steps to follow

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Please can you confirm the fee for CCP: Data Engineer Exam (DE575) ? I see that it is $400 on the website against ur previous message.

Candidates who have purchased a CCD-410 exam may transfer their registration to CCP: Data Engineer Exam (DE575) with no additional cost.
- Candidates may apply the purchase price of a CCD-410 practice exam towards the CCP: Data Engineer Exam (DE575) between July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.


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Hi Brad,


As you mentioned below,


"Candidates who have purchased a CCD-410 exam may transfer their registration to CCP: Data Engineer Exam (DE575) with no additional cost."


I want to transfer my CCD-410 registration to CCP-DE (DE575). Can you please let me know how to do that?.



Nagarajan V


Hi Nagarajan,


Please write into and I can help you process this request.



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I agree with Syed Rizvi.


Cloudera’s thought process does not make much sense. “It's an interesting feature of the tech industry, this desire to be certified before being able to do anything meaningful”

Why someone should not get a certification before hands on experience?

What about our college degrees? We learn, write exam and get degree/certification from universities before hands on work experience. So is that not how it is supposed to be?


After investing a lot of time and money, I recently got Cloudera Hadoop Developer certification and I just read about the Data Engineer. They both seem to very different and they both could complement each other and stay together.

Hadoop Developer can be more at entry level/developer level certification and DE can be at Solutions/Architect level certification. I do not see any reason why they should not exist together.

Also I do not buy the concept of exams cannot evolve. If that is the case, then the rate at which new tech/frameworks are coming out every month in Big Data ecosystem, within 4-6 months the tech and the exams (even DE) will become obsolete. That is why there are versions of same exam I guess.


If companies are saying that by hiring Hadoop developers their expectations are not met, then they can simply hire DE Certified consultants and pay them well. For those companies who cannot afford high paying consultants and looking at entry level developers (at a relatively lower pay) whom they want to groom, train, they can look at Hadoop Developer certified consultants. So basically give them both options and let them decide. Similar to Oracle Java Programmer and Oracle Java Enterprise Architect etc.


What Syed and me too saying is just to maintain both certifications active.


Not only companies, people like us also invest lot of time and money to learn and get certified. If that is not respected and ignored then it is very demoralizing and then they will look for alternatives. I am already beginning to look at MapR now.


So I hope Cloudera will consider and keep the Apache Hadoop Developer certification active.



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Hello Brad,


WR to our quote; "It's an interesting feature of the tech industry, this desire to be certified before being able to do anything meaningful".


This is the feature companies like yours are cashing on. If an uncertified engineer is hired straight away as a data engineer, there would be no urgency for a certification in the market 😛


I think it's rather strange for top employers to seek certified employees giving them a position to do something meaningful later (ironically after being certified). You may rather complain about this to the prospective employers than the prospective employees


Hello Brad,


I agree with Rizvi. Even I'm a Mainframe guy with no prior knowledge either on hadoop/Java. CCD-410 certificate is more helpful in a way that for someone like us who can enter into the Bigdata world(a key to front door!!) so that we can use this key to explore what's really inside in the room (hands on !!). So i think there is no need of completely scarping the CCD-410. Kindly look into our suggerstions.


P.S : I have been preparing for this CCD-410 and decided to take up in a month or so. Will it be availabe till that period or how long will it be availabe if Coludera really want to scrap the exam ?

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Decision makers at cloudera should also consider the option of refund of exam fees for candidates who have registered for CCDH but want to opt out of exam due to this decision of eventually removing CCDH.

Feeling really thugged and demotivated by this decision. Because now it seems there is no point in doing a certification wihch is soon going to be deprecated. Also to clear the new certification (so called data engineer) i will need more time and experience to reach at that level and don't want to block my money with cloudera till that period.

Creating a new architect level certification would have made more sense.

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Yes actually it will take  a lot and lot of time and resource for the new Data Engineer Exam ... but after doing CCD-410 successfully one will be

motivated  and  try to get a more practical oriented approch for Hadoop ecoSystem and will be looking forward at nex level of entry in certification...

it should be a base for DE exam..


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@PrashantUjjwal wrote:

now it seems there is no point in doing a certification wihch is soon going to be deprecated.

I think there's another way to look at this, which is less about certification and more about your career and job prospects (which is ultimately the point of certification). So to turn your sentence: there's no point in spending your time learning a technology that is soon being deprecated as well. Which is why we're saying look to the future.

Cloudera's goal is to train and certify on those skills and tools the job market desires, and to create courses and exams that will help you be successful. Increasingly, the right tools and the right skills required for a given job is no longer Java MapReduce. The ecosystem tools have gotten much better, and if you're processing data programmatically, you'll likely be using Spark in the future.


By the end of the year, you won't see us teaching Java MapReduce programmatically very often. We'll teach many tools that rely on MapReduce but writing mappers and reducers is less and less the answer to a processing problem.


Just as CCDH aligned to our Developer training for Java MapReduce (a class being superseded by the below class), so CCP: Data Engineer aligns to our Developer training for Spark and Hadoop I (and Developer ...II: Advanced Techniques which will become available this fall).


For more info: Developer Training for Spark & Hadoop I


The Hadoop ecosystem is dynamic. In the past year or so we've seen the entire resource model EOL and change (to YARN and Mesos, etc.) and now we're mid-change from Java MR to Spark and other tools and frameworks. It's gonna keep changing -- there is no one certification that is good for all time; there is only ongoing professional growth.


And you can certainly credit your CCD exam to DE575 between now and Dec 31, 2015. If you choose to continue and get your CCDH, that's still valid and we'll always verify that you received it and that you proved, at a point in time, that you had the ability to understand Java MR, it's just that having that credential may not be all that helpful in the very near future.