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CCDH retires January 1, 2016 :-(

CCDH retires January 1, 2016 :-(

New Contributor

After putting all the hardwork and investing valuable time and money, when I was going to register for CCDH exam, I got to know that CCDH is going to retire on 01/01/2016. :-(


CCDH is replaced by "CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175)". Which includes Spark. Also we need to learn Python and Scala as well.


I am a Java programmer and looking for certification which tests my knowlege on Apache Hadoop and general Hadoop ecosystem. Does Claudera has any certification program for this ?

Please recommend me a certification through which I can step in and start working on Big data analytics world.



Re: CCDH retires January 1, 2016 :-(


I had the same problem too, but I took it rather as an opportunity. Apache Hadoop is the corner stone for BigData but organizations now prefer using higher level language tools like Pig, Hive or Spark instead of directly writing code in Java Map/Reduce. What you had learned while preparing for Apache Hadoop certification (YARN, HDFS) is simply invaluable because Pig and Hive abstracts out finer details about job execution etc. which I can't stress enough how important is it for you to know.


I would suggest to put this behind you and appear for CCA-175 because while preparing for CCDH-410 you must have learned Hive, now you would need to learn Spark by putting some more efforts. Also, if you are new to Scala and Python then your learning curve for Spark would become steeper but as far as CCA-175 is concerend, you need basic knowledge Scala and Python

Re: CCDH retires January 1, 2016 :-(

Expert Contributor

I agree with the previous response.  I taught Java for 10 years and that is my language of choice, but that is not the current best practice in the Hadoop world.  The industry is moving away from that and moving towards Spark, so Cloudera is no longer offering any certifications testing Java MapReduce.


We do expect in the coming year that we will be offering more certifications from Cloudera.  Perhaps you do not need a developer certification if you want to do analytics.  Watch Cloudera's certification website for announcements.