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CDC Changes in Source Not reflecting in target Db using NIFI

New Contributor
@Andrew Lim  ,I am getting the below log  from  the path C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\Work_past\nifi-1.9.2-bin\nifi-1.9.2\logs\     2019-06-20 18:16:40,508 INFO [Write-Ahead Local State Provider Maintenance] org.wali.MinimalLockingWriteAheadLog org.wali.MinimalLockingWriteAheadLog@3c511385 checkpointed with 13 Records and 0 Swap Files in 73 milliseconds (Stop-the-world time = 24 milliseconds, Clear Edit Logs time = 21 millis), max Transaction ID 47   ,I have 10 records in the users table in MY SQL ,
I am not able to proceed beyond    CDC (CaptureChangeMySQL) there is no error  . 

All my controller are in enabled mode

Env Used Windows 10 Conf_file.txt109494-capturechangemysql.png109502-capturechangemysqlsettings.png109473-controller-settings-details.png
Mysql Client/Server in Local    3036 port   version 8.0

Apache Nifi Windows version   1.9.2   .

Please hep me resolve the issue,I can send you more screenshot and logs as required .



New Contributor

@Andrew Lim Can you please let me know ,on the above questions ,that I had ,Kindly help.

@Govind Sharma



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