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CDH 5.10

New Contributor

Hi cloudera,


I used many of the CDH's prior to 5.10 and they seem to run fine.


With 5.10 I get cpu clock issues, stale configuration, safe mode, and all sorts of errors. For example, Hive queries that now no longer show things or never terminate, Hive metastore that never gets updated. 


I am constantly restarting, refreshing, it is a nightmare.


What could be different? I am puzzled.


I have a Toshiba, allocate 11 Gb and 2 cores.


Any points to note that I need to look into?


can create 1 hive table and then it stalls and never completes as well. Never seen his before.


*** UPDATE: After a few hrs of doing nothing it seems to work, nice stuff ***




What operating system are you using ? 

Would you share any logs pertain to Hive to dig more ? 

are you talking about namenode safe mode ? there could be numerous thing that will cause the namenode to be in safe mode ? 

New Contributor



1) centos 6.7 as per CDH 5.10 download.


2) Point is hardly an issues with prior stuff, you imported into Vbox and go presto.


3) Now many issues which were not ther previious. Constant re-starting of (stale) services etc.a nd after 6 hrs I could create a Hive / Impala table. 


Not sure what to think.

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