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CDH 5.8 Upgrade: Unable to select from hive table with custom inputformat

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  We have developed custom input format to process edi files. After the recent upgrade to 5.8, select * from table doesn't return any rows. 


Hive script:



create external table CustomInputTest
all_cols String
STORED AS INPUTFORMAT 'parser.mapred.X12InputFormat'
LOCATION '/user/data/EDI'
TBLPROPERTIES ('edi.schema.hdfs.path' = '/user/data/layout/edi.xsl');



select * from CustomInputTest;


The same script returns expected output on Hive 1.1.0-cdh5.4.9.  


on CDH 5.8, if the hive fetch task is disabled to force the query to generate MapReduce, the select query is working fine.

set hive.fetch.task.conversion=none;

I've checked hive server logs, i don't see any errors.  

How to fix the issue, such that hive fetch task works in the new version[5.8]