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CDH 6 supported OS


CDH 6 supported OS

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I noticed that CDH6's download page [1] and archive [2] doesn't list any Debian OS supported (but only Ubuntu), and in its release notes [3] I didn't find any trace of deprecation notice. Can you please clarify if Debian is still supported or not?


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Re: CDH 6 supported OS


I would like to know this as well.


My assumption thus far has been CDH6 is still a bit... "early"... in it's release cycle and isn't as widely supported yet with more OS and versions to come. Especially considering you can't upgrade to 6.0 from the latest 5.15.x series yet either.


While I could be entirely wrong, I would "assume" Debian support is coming... along with the ability to upgrade from 5.15.x. Either way would be great if someone at Cloudera could clarify.

Re: CDH 6 supported OS

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@sdbigdataand @Elukey,


As of 6.0 we (Cloudera) no longer support/build on debian:


Sorry to be dissappoint.

We continue support for debian on 5.x though.



Re: CDH 6 supported OS




Appreciate the information, even if it's not the best of news.


One thing I think might help future people is to update the documentation. The link you shared says Debian 7 is deprecated - but makes no mention of Debian 8 or 9. When I read that, I interpret that as older versions are no longer supported (makes sense) similar to older versions of Ubuntu. Debian is not listed on the supported page, but it's just not clear if it's coming soon or not coming at all, etc.


If Debian in it's entirety, and all future versions are being deprecated - calling that out explicitly would probably be helpful. Dropping an entire OS is a pretty big change and something that should have zero ambiguity as that could have a big impact on folks (like myself) who are currently using Debian.


Just my .02, and thanks again for the info.

Re: CDH 6 supported OS


Thx for the clarification

Re: CDH 6 supported OS

Will CDH support Ubuntu 18.04 ?
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