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CDH namenode java heap bigger than it should be

New Contributor

I am running CDH 6.3.2.

I set the namenode java heap size to 70GB where almost 9GB used, but I got the block infomation as below:

1,757,092 files and directories, 1,340,670 blocks (1,340,670 replicated blocks, 0 erasure coded block groups) = 3,097,762 total filesystem object(s).

Heap Memory used 8.74 GB of 69.65 GB Heap Memory. Max Heap Memory is 69.65 GB.

Non Heap Memory used 130.75 MB of 132.38 MB Commited Non Heap Memory. Max Non Heap Memory is <unbounded>.

at first, the value of heap memory used is changing between 1GB to 2GB, but the value changes between 6GB to 9 GB after a few days.I think it should be 3GB at most. 

Can anyone help me to figure it out? Thanks very much.



I do have a sparkstreaming proccess for storing files to hdfs from kafka every two minutes. 

And I have no idea that if the sparkstreaming proccess effect the java heap.

The java heap is increasing every day. I think it will be over 70GB after 1 month, but the blocks is still less than 2 million.

Is there anyway to clean cache of javaheap?