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CDH to CDP Migration

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Do we have a straight migration / upgrade path from CDH 5.x or 6.x to CDP on Azure? I tried to get this info in various forums / Cloudera documentations, however, was unable to find anything. Probably there is no such path or I may have missed something.


Still, looking for a reconfirmation or guidance or advise on this.


Please help.






As per my knowledge, I think there is no such path available. But if I find anything relatable I will let you know. Also, you can contact the support team for information on this. They can help you with something.



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Hello @Lewis ,


Thank you for the reply.


I have a scenario, we are on multiple cdh 5.x versions on multiple clusters. Along with a small piece on Altus.


Goal is to get everything on Azure, in such case would your opinion be to setup a fresh CDP on Azure and then move data and applications cluster by cluster to CDP?




@snm1523 Your best resource would be to contact sales for the most up to date information.

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Hello @GangWar,


Thank you for the reply,


Contacting Cloudera is certainly a best option and would most likely go for it. However, currently the project is in discussion and I was just trying to get views / thoughts from the community on such a scenario if anybody had ever come across.