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CDH4 VM : Unable to access DFS, Missing blocks

CDH4 VM : Unable to access DFS, Missing blocks

New Contributor
I've got few problems dealing with cloudera CDH4 vm while working on a few PIG scripts.
1. Name node frequently goes into safe mode. Any reasons for this? I bring back to normal but problem persists quite frequently.
2. Says 100% DFS used. How to improve DFS memory? Whats the difference between Heap Memory and Non-Heap Memory in DFS. 
3. Says : WARNING : There are 132 missing blocks. Please check the logs or run fsck in order to identify the missing blocks. 
4.Unable to access DFS , HTTP ERROR 500

Re: CDH4 VM : Unable to access DFS, Missing blocks

Cloudera Employee

1. You can find out why the namenode is in safemode with "hdfs dfsadmin -safemode get"


2. I don't understand-- can you be more detailed?  What are you out of, memory or disk space?


3. Is the replication factor greater than the number of datanodes?


4. is the DFS down?