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CDH6 bug

CDH6 bug

New Contributor

CDH6's has a bug in that it only looks for metrics relating to Concurrent Mark Sweep Garbage Colllector. When running G1 Garbage Collector with Solr, those metrics don't exist and the script gets a KeyError at line 48 trying to use 'gc.ConcurrentMarkSweep.count' as a key into the solrJvm map.


This appears to "break" the ability for Cloudera Manager to show Solr metrics (i.e. all yield "No Data").


Is it a known issue and/or has it been resolved in 6.0.1 or later?


Seems that script ought to check for *either* ConcurrentMarkSweep or G1 metrics coming out of Solr...and if neither exist, then use 0 as the values in the metrics it publishes.