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CDK renamed to Kite SDK, 0.10.0 released

CDK renamed to Kite SDK, 0.10.0 released

Master Collaborator

We are pleased to announce a new name for the CDK: Kite. We've just released Kite version 0.10.0, which is purely a rename of CDK 0.9.0.

The new repository and documentation are:

Why rename?
The goal of Kite, and CDK, is to increase the accessibility of the platform. That isn't Cloudera-specific, and we want the name to correctly represent the project as an open, community-driven set of tools.

What will this break?
The rename mainly affects dependencies and package names. Once imports and dependencies are updated, almost everything should work the same. However, there are a couple of configuration changes to make for anyone using flume or morphlines. The changes are detailed on our migration page.

Again, this 0.10.0 release is a rename only. There are no feature changes, and 0.9.0 will be supported as long as 0.10.0, so that there is plenty of time to make a smooth transition. For more information, see the release notes.




The Kite/CDK team

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