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CDSW gateway nodes not able to start after stopped while not using cluster (on AWS)

New Contributor

Hi Everyone, 


I have setup a six nodes cluster (EDH) on AWS: 3 worker nodes, 1 namenode, 2 gateway nodes. 


Outside office hours, I normally stopped all instances and it was working OK until I have started installing cdsw. 


If i stop cluster, stop MGMT service and stop ec2 instances, on next day, 2 gateway nodes are not able to start and failed at  "Instance Status Checks" in aws.


How can I gracefully stop start gateway nodes after installing CDSW ? If not, everyday i need to reinstall gateway nodes is not fun. 


Thanks !





Do you find any errors as to why it stuck at status checking stage? I am not sure where to look for errors in AWS though, but we at least need to find out what is reported to know what to do next.
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