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CDSW unable to run docker push

CDSW unable to run docker push

New Contributor

Cloudera hadoop 5.12 

CDSW 1.1 


When attempting to create my own image following the documentation in the users manual it will not 


[root@a1e-xxxx ~]# docker push cdsw.xxxx.local/cdsw-cuda-tensor:5
The push refers to a repository [cdsw.xxxx.local/cdsw-cuda-tensor]
Get dial tcp 172.x.x.x:443: getsockopt: connection refused


In order to get around the problem I load into CDSW and then go to engines and manually input the info there then I can make the image available.   The really strange part is as soon as I load the image I can open it, work around and some stuff works some doesn't.  But that's another problem. 


So the other day created the image above with the below command.  Skipped docker push, went to cdsw loaded it there and I was able to get into the image, move around run some jobs but not others.  My data scientist couldn't load the image at all. 


Skip to this morning and he tells me he can open the image, he can see and run all the jobs he currently needs.  When I try to open the image it doesn't work at all.  Keep getting errors.  The logs show this when I try to open the img. 


journal: 2018-01-05 17:06:25.939#01160#011INFO #011AppServer.Models.Dashboards #011#011Register status#011data = {"state":{"id":"ja8euglvi83enrwz","status":"scheduling","oom_killed":false,"k8s_exit_code":0,"k8s_reason":"ErrImagePull","k8s_message":"rpc error: code = 2 desc = Error response from daemon: {\"message\":\"Get https://cdsw.xxxx.local/v1/_ping: dial tcp 172.xx.xx.xx:443: getsockopt: connection refused\"}","k8s_started_at":null,"k8s_finished_at":null}}


I'm worried that my inability to do a docker push is holding me back from being able to run multiple instances of the same img.   I seem to have a working image (which is a whole other topic) however I need to be able to have multiple users using the image at the same time. 



Anyone that's had a simialr problem or can point me in a direction, i'm coming to the end of my rope. 







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