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CM API to get hdfs active namenode


CM API to get hdfs active namenode

New Contributor



Can you help determine the CM API to get active namenode in hdfs. I have below api details



I was not able to go any further than below

curl --insecure -u admin:<password> https://<cmhost>:7183/api/v19/clusters/<cluster name>/services/


Can you help please?


Many Thanks




Re: CM API to get hdfs active namenode

New Contributor

Closest I could find below. Do you have any better way to do this ?


curl --silent --insecure --user admin:<password> --request GET https://<CM Host>:7183/api/v19/clusters/< cluster name>/services/hdfs/roles/hdfs-NAMENODE-<1st namenode role id> |grep haStatus
"haStatus" : "STANDBY"


curl --silent --insecure --user admin:<password> --request GET https://<CM Host> :7183/api/v19/clusters/<cluster name>/services/hdfs/roles/hdfs-NAMENODE-<second NN role id> |grep haStatus
"haStatus" : "ACTIVE",




Re: CM API to get hdfs active namenode

Cloudera Employee
Hi rvt,

Yes, you can get the status of the namenode using the below-mentioned way:

http://<cmhost>:<port>/api/v1/clusters/<cluster-name>/services/HDFS/roles/HDFS-NAMENODE-<namenode id>

and search for "haStatus"

Tarun Jangid
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