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CSV to Cassandra with list column

CSV to Cassandra with list column

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I checked out some of the recommended already asked questions but didn't find anything appropriate.

I have a CSV file with 3 columns. All of them contain (obviously) text but one of them should actually represent a list which means that there are comma separated values in (of course escaped by \). Now I want to write these values into a Cassandra table which has a column of type list<text> so I need to convert the plain text which I get from reading the CSV into an array which will then be processed correctly by the PutCassandraRecord processor. I'm using an Avro schema for describing the data.

How can I do that or is there any other way of using the PutCassandraRecord processor to insert a value into a column of type list?

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Re: CSV to Cassandra with list column

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I've tried it using the UpdateRecord processor but since there is no datatype array in NiFi EL I couldn't figure out a working solution so I'm still hoping for feedback.

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