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Can HDP support hadoop cluster with multiple OS nodes ? like for instance can i have few nodes on windows platform and rest on centos ?

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It would be difficult to consolidate hdfs-site.xml, core-site,slave file and master file on master server. Also the environment variables. In case if all is configure it should be a minimal config like adding the slave host ip or hostnames in slave file of master server would make it more difficult...

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@Mukesh Kumar can you provide the changes required in configuration settings in the xmls and also environment variables . Apart from adding the windows & centOS nodes in slaves file , what all configuration changes need to be done ?

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My answer is not related to Hortonworks Platform specifically. I had used open source Hadoop implementation, but the process should be extendable to Hortonworks. Thought the answer may help ...

The Cluster which I setup had Namenode & 3 data nodes running on linux, with another 4 datanodes on windows. This was both an HDFS cluster + Yarn cluster. The common configuration that's done with cluster was sufficient. The HDFS worked seamlessly, but had some issues with Yarn node manager on windows. The issue was with the 'launcher script' not generating the prelaunch.err file as a result of which the launched container failed. Other than this issue, there were issues around clean up of temporary files generated during a task.