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Can I Install all HDP Services under one user?


I am installing HDP on client machines with restricted sudo rights.I do not want to install all the services with their respective user accounts, instead want to run then all under one user account. (In fact, I cant do this as I donot have permissions to create all these user accounts. I have to put a request to the client to first create these accounts and then go ahead with the installation).

I can see yarn user has to be created since that is declared "final" but can I change all others also to run under "yarn" user? What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing this?


Super Mentor

@Sree Kupp

There is no easy way to do that, But it is very complicated and it can break a lots of things. Will require a lots of efforts and there is no standard way to change it.

Like Ambari manages various components and hence creates various user accounts. You do not need to manually create the individual user accounts, Ambari does it on it's own. Sudoes is one of the major requirement if you want to install and manage cluster using a non root user.

Advantage: I do not see any advantage of managing the whoel cluster using a single account.

Disadvantage: It can break, lots of existing feature of ambari managed cluster as for service checks we use some different account. HDP upgrades also might break.


Thanks @Jay SenSharma For some reason I though I have a sudoer account, ambari is not able to install all the user accounts. Anyway, put a request to the client to create those user accounts.

Cloudera Employee

Basically its possible, as long as the user is granted reasonable access right for each service, but it need know-how for hand setting the configuration files. If choosing Ambari installation, need modify the its python script to do.


Thanks @chen.yang. Yes, Ambari was not allowing ot install with the same user. Anyway, we submitted a request to the client to create those users for us.