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Can I move Management services to use an external db but keep Hive Metastore on the embedded db ?




I have a CDH 5.11 cluster that was configured to use embedded PostgreSQL.

I want to migrate Cloudera management services to an external Oracle database as a first step, and later also migrate Hive Metastore to that external database.


I migrated Cloudera management services to the new external database and they work just fine, but now Hive Metastore is not available, I guess it's because it was on the same local PostgreSQL that is now down after the migration.


Whenever I try to start it I get this message:

service cloudera-scm-server-db start
CM is using external DB. Failed to start embedded DB service, giving up


I was not planning to migrate Management services and Hive Metastore in one pass, is there a way to move Management services to an external database and keep Hive Metastore working on the old embedded server ?


Thank you







Yes, you can configure different services to different db by setting up configuration


I cannot write the exact configuration property here as I cannot access my cluster now, but you can try switching some properties like


From hive configruation, ConnectionDriverName to to your db (ex: com.mysql.jdbc.diver), changes may required in few more configruations


Similar changes required in CM Services configruation


Hello and thanks for your reply.


What I want is to leave Hive Metastore on the local PostgreSQL and it does'nt seem to be available anymore after I moved Management services to Oracle.


I get an error message every time I try to start it (see my original post).






@ni4ni Mate while configuring External Database for the CM service could you please let me know where did you place the MYSQL jdbc jar ? I am stuck in the middle of Installation  


I was actually using Oracle, not MySQL but I guess the path is the same. I put the jdbc driver in/usr/share/java and renamed it to oracle-connector-java.jar