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Can I set that I can see the row unit results?

Can I set that I can see the row unit results?

New Contributor

I made DB security program. but I had some trouble. it was related selection's result format. So I wonder is there some option it will give row unit results.


Usually almost Databases gave a row unit. But Impala gave me a column unit. For example, if I selected some table in MariaDB, it would give me like this in the packet.


col1:meta datas -> col2:meta datas ->col1:data1, col2:data1 -> col1:data2, col2:data2 -> ...



But Impala gave like this.


col1:meta datas -> col2:meta datas ->col1:data1, col1:data2, ... -> col2:data2, col2:data2, ...



So I should save almost results if I wanna show just one row.


I expected there might be some option what I wanted because I saw some code what I wanted when I analyzed JDBC code. So Impala JDBC already include function to read row units results.


I hope you can understand my question even my English is not enough good.

Thank you.