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Can I stream the data between my IDE application and Hadoop?

New Contributor

I've started programming for such a short time so, i'm a bit confused right now.

I have an app that it was developed for image classification purposes. I'm using Python and OpenCV and an haar classifier.

So, my goal with this app, is to improve the classifier results along the time and I want to stream my data directly from my IDE (Eclipse) to Hadoop.

Is it possible to do? How?

(I'm using Windows and my hadoop's distribution is from Hortonworks)


Super Guru

Don't run on an IDE. Run your code on the servers. It's faster and that's why you have a distributed cluster of many nodes. It will be much much faster.

Don't send all that data to your desktop, process it and send it back.

Run your python code in zeppelin so you can run in the web.

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